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Slate Stamped Concrete

Slated stamped concrete makes a lovely addition to a backyard patio or outdoor entertaining area. With the elegant textures of slate, outdoor patio projects take on a more sophisticated and attractive aesthetic. Slated stamped concrete is the preferred patio pattern for many home construction projects.

Discount Contractor Supply sells slated stamped concrete patterns for a low price to help our customers finish construction projects and realize real profits. We sell slated stamped concrete in three attractive patterns and in three different sizes to help ensure our customers find what they're looking for.

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What Slate Stamped Concrete Patterns Are Available?

Slated stamped concrete from Discount Contractor Supply comes available in three distinct patterns:

  1. Ashlar Cut Slate - This clean, attractive slate pattern features slate tiles of various sizes and is laid out in different orientations.
  2. Majestic Ashlar - This pattern is similar to an ashlar cut slate pattern, but with slightly rougher edges and a more dramatic texture.
  3. Cottage Slate - With square tiles laid out in a grid fashion, cottage slate is an excellent choice for rectangular or square-shaped patios.

Discount Contractor Supply also sells a 3x3 slate pattern, 12x12 slate patterns, and 18x18. We also sell concrete colorants to make your patio projects a success.

Where Are the Best Locations to Use Slate-Stamped Concrete?

Decorative stamped concrete is highly durable and performs well in many environmental conditions including extreme temperatures, heavy precipitation, and freeze-thaw cycles. You can install slate-stamped concrete in high-traffic locations and anywhere that is regularly exposed to harsh conditions outside.

Patios, walkways, pathways, and more are all excellent locations for slate-stamped concrete. You can also combine slate-stamped concrete with other concrete patterns and natural stone, for a varied and visually interesting landscape.

How to Stamp Concrete?

Start by applying the release agent to the concrete, which allows the stamp to imprint its texture onto the concrete without sticking to the concrete. When the stamp is removed, the texturized concrete will remain in place.

Release agents come in two different types: powder and liquid. A liquid release agent is broadcast over the concrete with a pump, while a powder agent can be flicked onto the concrete with a dry paintbrush that has been coated in powder and then flicked over the surface of the concrete. For even application, keep the brush below waist level as you flick.

Next, place the stamp onto the concrete and step on it. The stamp should hold your weight without sinking too deeply into the surface. Pick up the stamp and pull it straight up without dragging it across the surface.

Each time you lay the stamp down, place it in a different orientation so the pattern is different in each location. If you use multiple stamps, you can stand on one stamp while placing the next one in front of you, which will allow you to make your way across the concrete.

When the concrete is set the following day, wash off the remaining release powder.

Why Discount Contractor Supply for Stamped Patterns?

Discount Contractor Supply sells quality form liners, specialty stamp patterns, wood-style stamps, slate-style stamps, brick-style stamps, concrete stamp patterns, and other concrete tools for an affordable price. Pick up your concrete stamp today.