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Brick Stamped Concrete Patterns

Brick pavers may be beautiful, but they can be costly too. If your clients need the look of pavers without the cost, concrete brick stamps can make your client's projects possible. Concrete brick stamps mimic the natural appearance of brick pavers while offering the longevity and durability of concrete. Discount Contractor Supply sells concrete brick stamps in a range of shapes and sizes for your decorative concrete construction projects.

What Brick Stamped Concrete Patterns Are Available?

Discount Contractor Supply sells over forty stamped concrete patterns for contractors completing construction projects. This range of patterns is available for projects ranging from home improvement projects, patio projects, landscaping, interior remodeling, and more. From residential to commercial concrete construction projects, the brick-stamped concrete patterns below offer beauty and variety.

  • Tumbled Edge Stone
  • Tetra Stone
  • Pennsylvania Avenue Herringbone Brick
  • Orchard Stone
  • Old Chicago Soldier Course
  • Oxford Slate Concrete Texture
  • York Bluestone Concrete Stamp
  • New Brick Soldier Course
  • New Brick Herringbone Stamp
  • Large Stone Fan Stamp
  • Mayan Concrete Cobblestone Stamp Pattern
  • Gilpin's Falls Bridge Plank Stamp Pattern

In addition to the stamps above, Discount Contractor Supply sells concrete texture mats and stamps in other stones, planks, cobblestones, natural stones, slate patterns, and more.

What Are the Best Locations to Use Brick Stamp Patterns?

There's nothing quite like the texture of specialty brick stamp patterns that can be used in many projects ranging from:

  • Patio construction
  • Front and backyard walkway construction
  • Driveway installation
  • Landscaping projects
  • Home remodeling projects
  • Commercial remodeling projects
  • Concrete steps and stairs

How Many Brick Stamps Do I Need?

Just how many brick stamps you'll need for your project depends on the project size. Keep in mind that stone and brick-patterned stamps must be placed next to each other. Stamps that have no seam (such as seamless slate stamps) will be placed overlapping with one another. Generally speaking, it's recommended that you have just enough to cover the project width, plus two more stamps.

Why Discount Contractor Supply Stamp Patterns?

Our product line of concrete brick stamps is varied to help ensure that we can meet the needs of many customers. When you work with Discount Contractor Supply, you'll find:

  • Low prices. Affordability is key to ensuring that your construction projects will be profitable. Compare our stock to other online material suppliers, and you'll find we prioritize affordable prices for our customers.
  • Excellent customer service. Our customers deserve the best. We provide fast delivery and low prices with excellent customer service.
  • Convenience. With a convenient online ordering system, Discount Contractor Supply allows busy contractors and project managers to order materials on the go.

We're committed to selling our customers high-quality concrete products including concrete brick stamps, texture rollers, concrete colorants, form liners, concrete releases, and more. Discount Contractor Supply offers a streamlined purchase and delivery process to ensure that your concrete projects will be a success. When you're in need of a concrete brick stamp (or several!) for your upcoming project, contact Discount Contractor Supply.