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Release Powder for Concrete Stamps

Working with stampable overlays requires use of a concrete release product to simplify the process and make your project a success. Concrete release helps to create a barrier between wet cement and the tool you're using, preventing issues like puckering that will ultimately hurt the quality of the finished surface. Concrete release agents can also include coloring that can enhance your decorative concrete projects and give them aesthetic appeal to meet your project goals.

Powdered concrete release products have a wide range of colors, while liquid concrete release products have advantages that can come in handy in certain circumstances. At Discount Contractor Supply, we have a wide range of Butterfield Colored concrete release powder for you to choose from for your next job.

Liquid VS Powdered

Powdered concrete release products are a tried and true construction material that can apply vibrant color to freshly laid concrete. Powdered concrete release is broadcast over the concrete and the stamp is applied to the concrete after. On windy days, powdered concrete release can be difficult to control and may cause stains on nearby buildings and objects.

Masking off the area can help control these stains, but liquid concrete release is heavier and easier to use in these circumstances. Having a range of concrete stamp release agents on hand can help keep your project moving, even when the circumstances are not ideal for powder release. Discount Contractor Supply can help you with this - shop our selection to have the products you need.

Applying Concrete Release Powder

To apply concrete release powder, wear proper protective equipment (dust mask, chemical resistant gloves and goggles). Clear the area of other people and mask off any nearby objects or structures that could be stained by the powder.

To apply concrete release powder, dip a wide, flat mason's brush into the powder. Once the brush is coated in powder, use the brush to broadcast the powder over the area, using a sweeping motion with your arm. Broadcast the powder evenly over the area to be stamped and slightly ahead of the row to be stamped.

Once this is done, you can stamp the concrete. To clean up, sweep away excess concrete release, then remove the masking. Continue to wear the protective equipment while cleaning up.

Creating Powdered Color Accents

To create a color accent, start by broadcasting the lighter color of concrete release agent. Next, apply a darker color over the lighter color. The majority of the darker color will be washed away with the project, but slight accents of the color will remain.

Why Discount Contractor Supply?

If you're working with stampable overlays on your next big project, concrete release powder is a must-have purchase. At Discount Contractor Supply, we can help you find the right release powder for concrete for your projects. Contact us to get the texture rollers, form liners, concrete supplies, and more.