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Decorative Concrete Ideas

What is Decorative Concrete?

As a concrete contractor, you know aesthetics matter. Your clients spend a lot of time thinking about and planning decorative solutions for their spaces.  Business and homeowners do this in an effort to create an environment or “vibe” which reflects them and the mood they want to set. We expect our consumers to think about wall paint colors, furniture, light fixtures, and a variety of other expressive decorations to achieve these goals.  One area that we must be sure not to neglect is the walking space and our consumer’s outdoor seating areas. Style and flair have a place inside and outside, from ceiling to floor… or outdoor patio!

If you are looking for decorative concrete ideas and solutions for you to share with your customers, you have come to the right place.

 In this post we are going to discuss some of the most popular decorative concrete methods and how you can make these designs available for your clients with a little help from Discount Contractor Supply

What is Decorative Concrete?

First and foremost, most consumers underestimate just how many options they have when it comes to decorative concrete.  As you know, at the most basic level, concrete is simply sand, rock or gravel mixed with water and cement.  Consumers often think of concrete as a plain, boring, and unattractive, but it is a necessary material that is essential to building a home, building or finishing a driveway. 

Concrete can be so much more than a bare essential.  By following some of the steps and procedures listed here, you can present your clients with options to see how they can turn any space into a chic and sophisticated statement that is sure to leave their guests in awe. Decorative concrete is simply a series of creative solutions to turn your plain concrete surfaces into a work of art.  

When a client comes to you with questions about decorative concrete, you can offer them a variety of styles and “rock hard” solutions that will be sure to put smiles on their faces. 

What Are My Decorative Concrete Options?

Colored Concrete - Something clients may be wondering about concrete decoration is whether or not it is too late for their project.  We have great news!  The method of coloring concrete can be done on new and previously existing or older pours.  

Coloring can be applied to indoor concrete and also outdoor concrete.  It is important to remember environmental factors will play a role in concrete coloring.  Consider the sun exposure, tree coverage, shadows, and water intrusion. 

There are many color variations available, there are subtle, natural hues, but you can also offer a variety of bright and vibrant palettes.  Ask your clients to consider their favorite color, a piece of art or photograph, the mood they want to set or other materials they want to use in their space for inspiration.  Colors can be applied in rigid, geometric lines, but they can also be blended to reflect a more natural appearance. 

Clients can choose between paint, dye, stain, and tinted sealers. Before you begin, you must ensure every batch of concrete and color are consistent.  Remind your clients it is important to have the same brand, type of concrete, Portland cement, water ratios, hydraulic cement, and the same aggregates to maintain consistency.  

At DCS, we provide numerous concrete colorants, and your client is sure to find just want they are looking for here. 

Concrete Overlays - Does your client want to cover imperfections in their surface? This is a great solution for older concrete spaces; however, an overlay is not ideal if the surface is already severely damaged or cracked. A concrete overlay is a decorative concrete solution which consists of applying a thin, cement-based coat on the already existing concrete slab. 

Exposed Aggregate - “Construction aggregate, or simply ‘aggregate’, is a broad category of coarse particulate material used in construction, including sand, gravel, crushed stone, slag, recycled concrete and geosynthetic aggregates.”[1] The exposed aggregate method is a simple process.  This occurs by removing the flat top layer of concrete. Once that top layer is removed, the remaining surface displays the imperfect and uneven aggregates which were hidden inside. Exposed aggregate has the same durability after its stripped, but the unpolished appearance gives it character and a thrilling texture. 

Polished Concrete - This is probably one of the better-known resources for decorative concrete.  The term polished concrete is commonly used, and this method of enhancing your floors is very popular in renovated warehouses and industrial buildings. This process involves a high-power grinding procedure, like sanding, and then a high-gloss finish is applied. This method is easy to upkeep!

Stamped Concrete - As we have discussed, plain concrete surfaces often appear to be dull and unattractive. You can provide your clients with an option that can enhance their dull looking concrete with the concrete stamping method.  Stamped concrete is essentially an impression pressed into the pour. The stamp can provide a resemblance of patterns, woodbrick or natural stone.  This form is more affordable than using actual bricks or pavers, it is beautiful, durable and has a high-end appearance.

At DCS, we provide a variety of concrete stamp options that are sure to thrill your clients. From wooden planks to Italian slate, from Mayan cobblestone to the Windrose stamp, we have what they want. 

Do You Need Decorative Concrete Supplies?

When your clients come to you looking for a decorative concrete design, look no further than Discount Contractor Supply for your decorative concrete needs. 

From concrete, to releases, from pavers to stamps, we have everything you need to take your next project from the idea board to completion. 

Discount Contractor Supply partners with the best and most reliable decorative concrete manufacturers in the business to stock the best variety of high-quality concrete colorants. The result is a broad product line, at reasonable prices, and with the availability of product that only Discount Contactor Supply is known for. 

Our concrete coloring, sealants, and stains are trusted by concrete professionals in commercial and residential applications alike. 

Let’s get started!

Contact us today for questions or to begin your next decorative concrete project.



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