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Adhesives, Epoxy, & Sealant

Discount Contractor Supply sells adhesives, epoxies & sealant for every need. Adhesives are essential for bonding wood, metal, glass, and more. They provide superior strength and durability, making them perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. Our selection of epoxy is perfect for repair patching, filling cracks and gaps, as well as providing a strong bond between dissimilar surfaces. We also sell exterior-grade sealants, perfect for sealing doors and windows, making them weather-tight to keep your structure protected from the elements.


Make it stick with adhesives that bind materials together. Discount Contractor Supply sells adhesives that work under a range of conditions, including exterior and interior environments.

Why leave it to chance with a lesser quality adhesive? When you purchase adhesives from Discount Contractor Supply, you can feel confident that you're purchasing a quality product. Follow the manufacturer's instructions to ensure successful use of your adhesive. Our adhesive can be used at low temperatures and is moisture-resistant to be used in outdoor settings. With an 18-month shelf life and a non-sag consistency, our adhesive products do the job.


Epoxies are the step between adhesives and sealants, because epoxies can do a little bit of both. They fill gaps and create seals, similar to sealant, and also bind materials together like a high quality adhesive. Discount Contractor Supply sells construction grade structural epoxy in a range of types, so you have your choice of different kinds as needed. Bond metal and other hardened materials to concrete using epoxy from a supplier you can trust. We sell moisture-insensitive epoxy that lasts to help you make progress in your construction projects.


Sealants are necessary for weatherproofing and filling cracks and gaps. Discount Contractor Supply sells flexible, multi-purpose sealant that has a variety of applications and can be used on construction projects of many types, including balconies, terraces, sidewalks, pavement, civil structures, plazas, and more. Our sealant has a high chemical resistance to oils and fuels, to make it very durable and long-lasting.

Why Discount Contractor Supply?

Discount Contractor Supply is a trusted name in construction. We sell a range of products for our clients including adhesives, epoxy, & sealant for many uses. With a convenient online ordering system and streamlined delivery methods, we can have your construction supplies delivered to your door quickly, efficiently and at minimal cost to you.

Don't trust your construction supply ordering to a lesser company. Discount Contractor Supply offers:

  • Excellent customer service with every interaction, to ensure a positive experience for our clients
  • High quality products, with durability and longevity
  • Epoxy, adhesives, & sealant to get the job done

No matter what your construction project entails, we have the right adhesive, epoxy, sealant, and other concrete supplies, anchor bolts, and masonry supplies for you to get the job done right. Browse our selection today and find the perfect product for your next project!