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15' x 200' 10 MIL Perminator


Imagine if you could prevent moisture from seeping through your foundation and into your structure.  We do not have the power to restrict water, but PERMINATOR can.

PERMINATOR underslab 10 mil vapor barrier is a new generation of polyolefin-based resin/chemical technology. PERMINATOR provides users with a highly effective, economical choice for helping to reduce the penetration of moisture and water vapor through the slab into the structure, thereby helping to reduce fungus, mildew, and mold growth. PERMINATOR also helps reduce radon gas, which forms naturally by the decomposition of natural elements, from entering the structure.

PERMINATOR is easy to install, as no gravel or sand is needed. You simply prepare the space, unroll, tape, secure and then you can pour the concrete.

Can PERMINATOR withstand your project?

PERMINATOR has been specifically designed for the toughest jobs, providing the ultimate protection against water vapor and puncture resistance. PERMINATOR will not easily crack, tear, or split.  And this 10 mil vapor barrier is designed to endure the toughest construction sites and multi-ton vehicles.

Every contractor, asphalt paver, demolition specialist, cement mason, civil engineer, landlord, and homeowner knows, water is the craftiest trespasser.  We all have experienced water or moisture seeping through the floors and reaping havoc on our foundation.  Water, vapor, moisture, and radon gas are no match for PERMINATOR.

Applications & Uses:

PERMINATOR is not just for indoor construction projects. It can be used to protect surfaces intended for vehicle traffic, including parking decks, garages, and bridges.

PERMINATOR can also be used to cover supplies on the construction site from damage caused by water or snow.  PERMINATOR can be used as temporary protection to an unfinished or damaged roof.

PERMINATOR is useful horizontally to prevent moisture emanating from the floor surface, but it can also be used vertically by waterproofing membranes which run perpendicular to the concrete floor structure, providing a wall of protection for a basement or any under ground construction.  

Use PERMINATOR to protect your surfaces while you paint large areas or apply stucco.

PERMINATOR can be used under gravel driveways and under pools to provide an extra layer of protection. Other residential uses include using PERMINATOR under a DIY walkway, patio, basketball or tennis court. Use PERMINATOR to protect against rocks, debris, grass and weeds that threaten to ruin your project.

How do you use PERMINATOR?

Simply determine which thickness you need for your project. Discount Contractor Supply provides two sizes: the 10 MIL vapor barrier and 15 MIL vapor barrier.*

Determine the square footage of your project and select the quantity you need.

What else do you need?

To apply PERMINATOR, follow this link for general instructions on how to install PERMINATOR.

After you determine which PERMINATOR is right for your construction project, you will need to purchase PERMINATOR tape, and you can find it here.

*The thickness of plastic sheets is measured in MILs and is not an abbreviation of millimeters.