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stamped concrete

Stamped Concrete: Inspiration, Advantages, Varieties

Standard concrete is flat, gray, and a little short on personality. While this is acceptable and even expected in certain structures and environments, stamped concrete is a preferred product in certain locations. Stamps give concrete character and beauty to add a level of elegance to your next construction project. Stamped concrete also hides imperfections in the concrete, making your concrete look better for longer.

Whether you're a concrete contractor or DIYer, you can use Discount Contractor Supply's concrete stamp patterns and concrete dye to make your concrete more attractive than ever. Using patterns that resemble stone and other textures, you can give concrete the same elegance as many natural stone materials.

Discount Contractor Supply is your source for stone-style concrete stamps, antiquing release, and other related products.

What is Stamped Concrete?

Stamped concrete is concrete that has been texturized with a stamp during the curing process. Stamped concrete is often colored as well as stamped, to make the concrete more attractive and to help it match the surrounding room or landscape. Stamped concrete is often found on patios, driveways, on walkways and can even be found indoors.

Stamped concrete is an excellent alternative to natural stone tiles and patio pavers. Homeowners like stamped concrete for its affordability and easy maintenance. Stamped concrete helps homeowners and business owners achieve the look of stone tile without the expense.

Why Choose Stamped Concrete

There are many reasons why property owners choose stamped concrete for their outdoor and indoor concrete projects. Below are some of the things that you can expect when you're choosing stamped concrete for your home or business.

Customizable To Your Preferred Style

Concrete stamps come in all shapes and sizes and can be made to mimic an almost endless supply of natural materials. Stamped concrete can be shaped to mimic the look of stone, wood, and other tile flooring types. Whatever your preferred style, there's almost certainly a stamp for that.

Easy Installation

Concrete stamps are relatively easy to use, especially for a trained professional. Once you've worked with concrete stamps a few times, it's easy to achieve the look you seek with the help of concrete stamps.

Low Maintenance

Stamped concrete is low maintenance. Experts recommend that you seal your concrete periodically to improve its water resistance and prolong its service life. If your concrete has begun to fade, you can re-stain at the time of sealing, or use tinted sealer instead.

Cleaning stamped concrete is easy with a wide broom, or you can wash your stamped concrete periodically with a strong jet of water from a hose. Clean concrete periodically to remove dirt and moss.


Many homeowners and business owners want the look of natural stone, or the look of outdoor pavers, without the price. Stamped concrete can capture these looks and all for an affordable cost.

Long Lasting

Stamped concrete is a long-lasting product. Typical stamped concrete lasts for about 25 years before it needs replacement. Maintaining your stamped concrete can help ensure a long service life for your concrete.

Great Places to Install Stamped Concrete

There are many appropriate places to install stamped concrete. Below are some of the most common places where you can find stamped concrete in homes and businesses.

  • Patios. Stamped concrete gives your outdoor patio a design that can mimic cobblestone, slate, and other natural materials. Choosing stamped concrete over natural stone or pavers can reduce installation costs.
  • Driveways. Driveways take up a lot of visual space, and often, they don't have any decorative elements to them at all. This makes the driveway an excellent surface for stamped concrete. Stamping your driveway concrete gives your home a decorative touch that can improve curb appeal and even boost the value of the property.
  • Walkways. Just like driveways, walkways make excellent surfaces for stamped concrete. Dying your stamped concrete walkway a natural color like brown or beige can also help your walkway blend more with the natural surroundings.
  • Pool Decks. Pool decks are good surfaces for adding texture with concrete stamps. This texture makes the pool deck more attractive and helps prevent slips and falls in a wet, commonly slippery area.

Where's another good place to use concrete stamping? Indoors! Install stamped concrete flooring to give your floors the look and feel of wood or natural stone. Concrete stamping gives your interior construction project character and beauty, as well as adding an attractive patterning that can be integrated nicely with interior decor.

Popular Patterns & Textures

Discount Contractor Supply has colors and patterns to make your concrete beautiful. Below are some examples of the types of patterns you can get from our online store.

We sell concrete colorants from Butterfield Color in a range of hues, as well as concrete stamps in a range of patterns. Don't forget to purchase concrete releases for color accents and easy functionality!

Products From Discount Contractor Supply for Stamped Concrete

Discount Contractor Supply is your source for a range of concrete stamping materials. Whether you're installing decorative concrete in an outdoor or indoor environment, the experts at Discount Contractor Supply have you covered. We service construction professionals and DIYers.

You shouldn't have to pay high prices for quality construction materials. Discount Contractor Supply sells good concrete stamping products for fair prices. We also sell a range of other concrete tools and accessories, for all of your construction projects. Our customers choose us because of our streamlined purchase process and commitment to good customer service. Shop with us today.
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